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Elmetron CX-701 zeer uitgebreide laboratorium en veld meter.
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CX-701 is a multifunction meter which enables very high accuracy measurements of: pH, redox potential (mV)ion concentrationconductivitysalinity calculated to NaCl, KCl or TDSdissolved oxygen in % of saturation or mg/latmospheric pressure in hPatemperature of air o liquids in 0C, 0F i K enables semiautomatic titration
Except the ON/OFF button the meter does not have any other mechanical switches. All operations are done with use of buttons generated on the 10‘‘ colour, graphic, backlight screen with touch panel. On the screen different
kinds of function windows chosen by the user are displayed.
CX-701 may be used in laboratory and also in the field after placing it in a special case with rechargeable batteries (option). The rechargeable batteries allow for continuous work in the field from 8 – 15 hours. The time depends on the kind of chosen measuring functions and settings of the screen etc.

The basic features are:
- Possibility of simultaneous measurement and observing results of 5 functions in numerical or graphical form
(function chosen as the main one).
- The pH, ions, oxygen and conductivity inputs isolated one from another.
- Storing of 3 calibration characteristics in each measuring function,
- Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
- Possibility of simultaneous measurement of pH and chosen ion (when this option is chosen dissolved oxygen
measurement is not available);
- Additional information given as pop up windows and voice statements.

In the pH measuring function :
- pH electrode calibration in 1 to 5 points;
- Automatic detection of pH buffers and standards, their value may be set by the user;
- In case of using standard solutions (NIST norm) automatic introduction of temperature correction on the value of
those standards what makes calibration much easier;
- automatic or manual temperature compensation;
- Storing of 3 pH electrodes characteristics enables their fast replacing – very useful feature during field work
- Automatic control of the electrode’s membrane condition.

In the conductivity measurement function:
• The whole measuring range enables measurements both of ultra pure water and very salty solutions.
• 6 ranges switched automatically.
• Works with conductivity cells equipped with platinum electrodes.
• Calibration by entering the constant K in range 0.01÷19.999 or in buffer solution.
• In the memory possibility of storing of 3 constant K of the cells which cover whole measuring range.
• Wide range of α coefficient 0÷10 % / °C chosen depending on the measured solution.
• Possibility of changing the reference temperature.
• Automatic calculating the salinity in NaCl or KCl on the basis of real characteristics, what greatly increases the
accuracy of conversion.
• Possibility of defining the TDS with use of conductivity measurement by entering the TDS coefficient in range

In the Ions measuring function:
- The measuring range of the meter enables co-operation with all ion selective electrodes (ISE) chosen depending
on the measured Ion, equipped with BNC connector,
- In ion meter the molecular weight of measured ion is automatically introduced.
- Automatic conversion of the units – ex. M/l to mg/l or pX without the necessity of manual conversion.
- possibility of entering freely chosen standard solution value.

In the dissolved oxygen mode:
- Air pressure measurement with automatic calculation of the air pressure influence of the oxygen measurement.
- Automatic transfer of the salinity value measured in conductivity mode to the oxygen measurement mode and
automatic counting of it’s influence on the oxygen content,
- Galvanic, easy in use and maintenance, dissolved oxygen sensor,
- Calibration of the oxygen sensor in 1 or 2 points.
- Automatic or manual temperature compensation.

In the ORP (redox) measurement mode:
- Precise ORP (redox) measurement (accuracy 0.1 mV).
- possibility of the ORP measurement relatively to the entered reference (Vref) value;

In the titration mode:
- The operating of the meter is just simplified to entering the volume of the added titrator,
- Semiautomatic calculation of data,
- The results of titration are stored in this same form as or series of measurements but additionally with the
significant values.

Other features:• The results are stored on the 2GB SD memory card, the number of collected data is practically unlimited.
• Storing of measurement’s results with time and date, taken as single or series with set time interval.
• Possibility of storing results of all simultaneously measured functions.
• Unlimited number of the stored data sets.
• The charts are scaled both during the continuous observation and during the analysis of the collected results,
zoom function.
• Possibility of transferring the collected results from the SD card to the PC for further work out.
• The results and calibration data are stored in nonvolatile memory.
• Internal clock with date.
• Powered with 15V power adapter.
• For the field work the meter is integrated with a special suitcase with rechargeable battery set (option).
• USB output
• The meter meets the GLP requirements. • 24 months of warranty.

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