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EM-6000 DMM True RMS/ USB

Complete 3 5/6-digit true rms digital multimeter met USB2.0 standaard interface. Deze meter kan real-time gegevens weergeven d.m.v. een usb verbinding met een computer, de meter kan niet zelfstandig dataloggen.
download manual hier (Pdf). [348 KB]

● LCD display, Max. displayed value: 6000 (frequency: 9999)
● Measures the true-rms values of AC voltage and AC current.
● Transfers the measurement readings of the meter to a computer through standard USB port
● Data-hold mode
● Analog bar graph(61 segments), reading unit indication and backlight
● Automatic polarity indication
● Manual range mode and autorange mode
● Automatic/manual power-off
● Relative value measurement
● Max./Min. measurement
● Overload protection
● Provides low battery indication

USB Interface for communication to computers and printers.

PC Software interface of EM6000
Connect the USB data cable supplied with the meter to the terminal on the top of the meter, connect the other end of this cable to the USB port of the computer. The computer will prompt that a new hardware has been found and the USB driver will be installed automatically.


Voltage DC: 60m/600m/6/60/600/600V
Voltage AC: 60m/600m/6/60/600/600V
Current DC: 600μ/6000μ/60m/600m/6/20A
Current AC: 600μ/6000μ/60m/600m/6/20A
Resistance: 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60MΩ
Capacitance: 40n/400n/4μ/40μ/400μ/4000μF
Frequency: 9.999~9.99MHz
Duty Cycle: 5%~95%
Temperature: -20~0~400~1000°C/-4~32~752~1832°F
hFE: Vce ≈ 2.2V, Ib ≈ 4μA
Continuity: Less than 20Ω, more than 70Ω
Diode Check: approx. 3.0V

Power supply: 9V(6F22) battery × 1pc
Dimensions: 185(H)×86(W)×44(D) mm
Weight: Approx. 380g (battery included


Owners Manual: 1 piece
Test Lead : 1 pair
USB Data Cable: 1 piece
Thermocouple: 1 piece
Adapter: 1 piece
CD (containing USB driver and the communication application): 1 piece

GS marking, GS certification, GS approval, European directive and standards
This meter has been designed according to IEC-61010 concerning electronic measuring instruments with a measurement category (CAT II 600V or CAT III 1000V) and pollution degree 2.

Met de EM6000 krijgt u labsoftware mee, waarmee de meetgegevens kunnen worden verzameld in tabellen en grafieken.
Met de USB aansluiting krijgt u met 1 muisklik online de meetgegevens in beeld.
Meetwaarden continue monitoren is met de meegeleverde software eenvoudig en duidelijk.

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